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Go Figure—Early Hordaland and Telemark Rosemaling

June 15-18, 2017 with Tina Keune

Level of Instruction
Advanced beginner to advanced
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Early Hordaland and Telemark painting paired figures and symbols with rosemaling scrolls and flowers to tell a story. The designs include wedding processions, royalty, ships, and Christian symbols. The rosemaling and manner of painting people’s attire, their horses, and architecture differ among regions. The growing interest in genealogy is likewise sparking curiosity about ancestral lifestyles. Functional wooden items so vital in simpler but harder times, were often painted and given as love tokens, or to simply bring a sense of color and design into the life of the user. This class will introduce you to another way of personalizing an object for someone who knows where their ancestors may have lived. The distinct components of other Norwegian regions you may wish to incorporate may be found through modern resources. You will receive graphic examples of figure design steps using pictures from original pieces. Both of these styles not only require minimal shading and allow us the convenience to use acrylics, but also share the unique element of outlining to play up the design’s motifs. Period biblical animal symbols and others will be illustrated and defined. Many elements of both styles will be included in the background material furnished for the class to compose a design of their own. The piece shown is not the class project, but is representative of the style that will be taught. There will be a materials fee.

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About the Instructor

Tina Keune
Tina Keune

Tina Keune holds a B.F.A. from George Washington University, and has attended ten folk-art study tours to Norway sponsored by Vesterheim and many classes at Vesterheim in Decorah. She is a Vesterheim Gold Medalist and has taught rosemaling at Vesterheim, the John C. Campbell Folk School in North Carolina, The Clearing Folk School, and Bjorklunden/Lawrence University in Wisconsin.