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Rosemaling in the Rogaland and Agder Styles

July 10-13, 2017 with Trudy Peach

Level of Instruction
Advanced beginners thru advanced painters. Must have some painting knowledge.
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This will be a project class focusing on Rogaland and Agder styles. The Rogaland piece will be an 18-inch, double-beaded narrow rim plate, and the Agder piece will be a wastebasket with curved sides. The designs for the projects are influenced by old pieces. You are welcome to paint on woodenware and/or backgrounded tagboard in class. This class will be taught in oils, but acrylic painters are welcome to work on their own. No linseed oil or thinners will be used in the classroom. Walnut oil alkyd and walnut oil will be the mediums used in class. Students may bring a clean jar of odorless thinner for use in removal of errors (used outside the building only).

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About the Instructor

Trudy Peach is a Vesterheim Gold Medalist and is a Certified Decorative Artist with the Society of Decorative Painters. She studies old pieces of rosemaling to influence her designs in Rogaland and Agder styles. Trudy shares these ideas with students to help them develop an awareness of how to interpret designs. She has taught rosemaling throughout the United States.