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Hand-forging Norwegian Knife Blades

July 20-21, 2017 with K.J. Groven and Morten Håkonsen

Level of Instruction
All levels.
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This class includes guest instructor Morten Håkonsen! Learn to forge blades for your own brukskniv (working knife) from start to finish. In this two-day class you will learn the basic forging techniques of how the gas forge, anvil, and hammer work. You will forge several three-layer Norwegian knife blades while learning how to heat-treat and grind the blade. There will be a materials fee of $80-$100.

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About the Instructors

K.J. Groven
K.J. Groven

K.J. Groven grew up in Skien, Norway, and spent most of his childhood on the family farm working with his grandparents. In 1999, he left Norway to attend South Dakota School of Mines and received a degree as a mechanical engineer. After some time as an engineer, he built log homes and did custom woodworking. He was introduced to a blacksmithing club during this time and was soon making buildings, cabinets, and other furniture in the Norwegian style, as well as forging tools and hardware. He believes he has found his true calling.

Morten Håkonsen
Morten Håkonsen

Morten Håkonsen is a highly skilled, full-time knifemaker and knifesmith from Skien, Norway, the capital of Telemark, a county that is widely known for its knife traditions. He started to make knives in 1987 and is now the most productive knifemaker of Norway. Morten is a very popular instructor who taught at Vesterheim in 2011 and 2013 and has won many prizes for his blades and knives in Nordic knifemaking competitions. He is a member of the Norwegian Knifemakers Association and on the board of Grenland Knifemakers Club, the biggest and most active club in Norway.