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Carved Ale Vessel

Nov. 2-5, 2017 with Becky Lusk

Level of Instruction
All levels. Some woodworking experience is helpful.
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Add this boat-shaped ale bowl to your collection. You don’t have an ale bowl collection? Maybe this is the time to begin! Starting with a precut blank and using hand tools, you will shape the bowl inside and out. You will be able to paint and finish your completed ale bowl with a food-safe finish in class. This kane design is from the early 1200s to 1300s and from Flesberg, Numedal, Norway. There will be a materials fee.

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About the Instructor

Becky Lusk
Becky Lusk

Becky Lusk is a third-generation folk artist and a Vesterheim Gold Medalist. Her work was included in the exhibition Norwegian Folk Art: The Migration of a Tradition, curated by Marion Nelson, Vesterheim’s former Executive Director. Becky carves ale bowls, figures, relief scenes, acanthus pieces, and dragonstyle pieces. She and her husband have a workshop near Coon Valley, Wisconsin.