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Viking "Knit" Chain Bracelet

April 28, 2018 with Liz Bucheit

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All levels.
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Come explore the ancient tradition of chain making! You’ll use “Viking Knitting,” a centuries-old looping technique, to create a beautiful silver bracelet with a variety of unusual clasps. Historically, this unique method of looping resembles nålbinding, which pre-dates knitting and was used to fabricate everything from articles of clothing to netting for catching fish! You’ll have the opportunity to complete a bracelet in a single day—no previous experience required. All tools and materials will be provided. Add a charm for an additional charge, or bring one of your own! There will be a materials fee of approximately $125.00. Find out more about what you'll do in class with this video. Thanks Michael Seiler and Liz Bucheit for the video.

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About the Instructor

Liz Bucheit
Liz Bucheit.

Liz Bucheit creates jewelry inspired by Scandinavian folklore and myth. A goldsmith for over 30 years, she holds a Master’s degree in metalworking and jewelry from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and has trained in traditional jewelry and metalworking techniques in Ireland and Norway. Liz has won numerous competitions and exhibited in museums and cultural centers. Liz is an active speaker on the topic of Norwegian filigree work and conducts workshops and classes in jewelry design and fabrication. She owns and operates Crown Trout Jewelers in Lanesboro, Minnesota.