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Vestlandsåkle—West Coast Åkle

October 18-22, 2018 with Marta Kløve Juuhl

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All levels.
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Standing at a traditional warp-weighted loom and weaving from the top down, students will create a sample åkle (coverlet) in the Western Norway style. This distinctive style consists of a variety of horizontal bands woven in different techniques, including rutevev (geometric tapestry), boundweave, inlay, pick up, and stripes. This class offers the opportunity to focus on a regional textile tradition while learning a variety of Norwegian techniques used for weaving coverlets.

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About the Instructor

Marta Kløve Juuhl grew up in Voss, Norway, and now lives in Indre Arna, near Bergen. She attended Statens Lærskole i Forming in Oslo and has taught weaving for over 20 years. Since 2007 she has been working at Osterøy Museum with textiles and looms. She has been active in the registration and reproduction of old textiles, particularly in Voss and Arna. Marta is one of very few Norwegian weavers who teaches weaving on a warp-weighted loom. She taught at Vesterheim in 2005, 2007, and 2013.