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Patterns Within Patterns

November 7-11, 2018 with Laura Demuth

Level of Instruction
Intermediate to advanced.
  • $335.00 Members
  • $385.00 Non-members

If you enjoy working with weaving patterns and handling fiber, you will enjoy this class, which explores the use of discontinuous wefts. You will focus primarily on adding design and color elements to an eight-harness monk’s belt pattern by introducing two or more weft colors to each row of weaving. You will also be given the opportunity to explore the use of discontinuous wefts on a skillbragd loom. The techniques learned in this class can be applied to other weaving structures as well. There will be a materials fee of $75.

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About the Instructor

Laura Demuth
Laura Demuth helps a student.

Laura Demuth has been a weaver for over 30 years and enjoys all aspects of fiber production, from raising the sheep to taking a finished piece off the loom. Because she lives on a small acreage just seven miles northeast of Decorah, Vesterheim has been a continual source of education and inspiration throughout her weaving career. Laura has focused on traditional weaving structures and techniques, and is a Vesterheim Gold Medalist.