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Chip Carving for the Very Beginner

November 9, 2018 (6:30-8:30) with Ellen Macdonald

Level of Instruction
For the very beginner who has never chip carved.
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Not quite sure if you are ready for chip carving? Need a confidence builder? Then join Ellen for a, two-hour, jump start, before the two-day class. Ellen will talk about the chip carving knife—how to hold it, cut with it, and care for it. You will practice some chip carving so you are ready to join in with the Chipping Away for Christmas class directly following. Much of what she covers will be reviewed in the two-day class, but if you have never carved this class is very beneficial.

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About the Instructor

Ellen Macdonald is a graduate of the University of Michigan who has lived in Decorah for more than 30 years. During her careers in social work and IT support, she dabbled in many kinds of woodcarving. After retiring, she studied chip carving with Wayne Barton, the man responsible for the renaissance of chip carving in the United States and abroad. Ellen recently rewrote the Sons of Norway Cultural Skills Program Unit on Chip Carving. She especially enjoys carving commemorative plates and Christmas ornaments.