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Turid Helle

Turid Helle
Turid Helle Fatland demonstrates rosemaling.

Turid Helle Fatland has been painting rosemaling since 1976, when she studied at Sand i Ryfylke with Bergljot Lunde. Today, she has a studio in Etne, Norway, where she paints original pieces in the Rogaland and Telemark styles and does restoration work. She enjoys creating her own designs and decorating on non-traditional forms. Turid is known for her good color composition, brush strokes, and use of harmonious colors. She is also exemplary in script and likes small, detailed work. In 2004, Turid did restoration and renovation work on Christian symbols in the Sandeid Church and in 2005 she did restoration work in the Vats Church. Turid is featured in the book, Rosemaling, by Lars Stana. She taught at Vesterheim in 2006, 2008, and 2013, and she taught in Norway for two Vesterheim folk-art study tours. Turid loves teaching and her driving force with rosemaling is to take care of her heritage and pass it on to new generations.

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