Wooden Bowl Carving—Scandinavian Styles and Techniques

Folk Art School

Vesterheim Folk Art School

Wooden Bowl Carving—Scandinavian Styles and Techniques

July 14-16, 2017 with Jon Ström

Level of Instruction
All levels.
$195.00 Members
$247.00 Non-members

Traditional Scandinavian bowl carving starts with the selection of a green, or undried, log. The log is then split in half and the selected piece flattened on two sides with a carving axe. With the wood held in a vise, or traditional carving bench, the bowl is hollowed out with a bowl-carving adze. The swing of the adze creates a natural arc that lends to the elongated shape of the log and develops the finished shape of the bowl. After the inside is smoothed, the piece is returned to the chopping block to shape the outside of the bowl. Details of decoration, drying, and finishing with oil will be covered, resulting in a piece of usable tableware. Tools will be provided by Jon. There will be a materials fee.

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About the Instructor

Jon Ström

Jon Ström attended McPherson College and Southwest University in Minnesota, where he studied for a degree in art education and has been working with wood ever since. He is a sculptor, woodworker, and log builder with a strong interest in spoon and bowl carving techniques. Jon studied with Jögge Sunquist, a Swedish carver, and has demonstrated at Grand Portage Monument, Old Fort William, and White Oak Society. He has taught at Goods from the Woods in Grand Rapids and North House Folk School. Jon and his wife Elma Tuomisalo Ström make their home in the Northwoods of Minnesota.