Old Dragon/Animal Style Carving

Folk Art School

Vesterheim Folk Art School

Old Dragon/Animal Style Carving

July 31-Aug. 4, 2017 with Rolf Taraldset

Level of Instruction
Intermediate to advanced.
$400.00 Members
$450.00 Non-members

In this class, you will learn a very old dragon style of carving. You will carve a small part of a church portal based on one from 1150. You will learn to carve the tricky parts and how important it is that the cuts flow with the move in the ornament. It will also be possible to choose another dragon style motif. There will be a materials fee.

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About the Instructor

Rolf Taraldset

Rolf Taraldset was born in Hornindal, Nordfjord, in western Norway, and continues to live and work there. His father, Bjarne, was a professional woodcarver and, at the age of five, Rolf carved his first cuts in wood. Rolf worked with his father for three years before taking his examination in woodcarving at Hjerleid School at Dovre in 1976. He taught his first woodcarving class at Dovre and first taught at Vesterheim in 1977. Rolf carves different classic styles, pictures in relief, and many other techniques.