Sámi Inspired Embroidery

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Sámi Inspired Embroidery

Nov. 4-5, 2017 with Norma Refsal

Youth ages 16-17 receive a 25% discount.
Level of Instruction
All levels.
$130.00 Members
$180.00 Non-members

The Sámi are the indigenous people of the far north in Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula of Russia. In addition to fishing and farming, reindeer husbandry has been an important part of their livelihood. Sámi handwork, or duodji, features both materials and design inspiration from their native lands. Learn to embroider with pewter thread, a technique used for centuries by circum-polar people to decorate jewelry, clothing, belts, bags and other small objects. It can be done on wool or leather, and in the class, after learning the basic techniques, you will do a small practice sampler and then go on to create a more complex pendant or cuff. You will leave with skills, patterns, and resources for materials to continue this craft at home. There will be a materials fee of $50. Tools and supplies will be provided by the instructor.

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About the Instructor

Norma Refsal
Norma Refsal
Norma Refsal

Norma Refsal’s passion for metalsmithing began when her family lived in Telemark, Norway, in the late 1980s. After gaining experience, she began creating jewelry for the twenty-first century based on traditional Scandinavian-inspired, or neo-Nordic, designs. She creates jewelry for daily wear out of silver, leather, wood, and enamel, finding the simplicity of the design to be both timeless and elegant.