Original Ale Bowls

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Vesterheim Folk Art School

Original Ale Bowls

July 29-August 2, 2018 with Phillip Odden

Level of Instruction
All levels. Beginners will start with a project appropriate for them.
$335.00 Members
$385.00 Non-members

Photo credit to Else Bigton. The ale bowl-making tradition in Norway has spanned several centuries and continues today. In this class we will explore a variety of ale bowl designs. We will have the opportunity to look through the Vesterheim collection and we will have access to books displaying a variety of ale bowls from different parts of Norway at different periods of time. Phil will bring a variety of finished examples. You can design your own ale bowl, or you can use one of Phil's blanks, depending on your skill level and ability. If you are a beginner and your woodworking skills are minimal, you should plan to settle for a smaller, simpler model. If you are experienced Phil will help you design and make a more refined ornate original piece. The class will include elements of design or pattern making, sculpting the wooden ale bowl, drawing the carved ornamentation on the bowl, carving the ornamentation, and finishing the piece. There will be a materials fee, depending on the size of your ale hen. Phil will have sawn out basswood ale bowl blanks of various forms, and raw basswood stock in dimensions of up to 4 x 6 inches or larger.

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About the Instructor

Phillip Odden

Phillip Odden

Phillip Odden is a professional woodcarver and Vesterheim Gold Medalist. He trained at the Hjerleid School in Dovre, Norway, and he and his wife, Else Bigton, have a workshop near Barronett, Wisconsin. Together, they authored the books Treskjærer Kunsten (The Art of Woodcarving) and Laerebok i Treskjaering (Textbook in Woodcarving).

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