Crafting Sexy Scandinavian Spoons

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Vesterheim Folk Art School

Crafting Sexy Scandinavian Spoons

October 19-21, 2018 with Fred Livesay

Level of Instruction
All levels.
$205.00 Members
$255.00 Non-members

Spoons are what might be called a gateway to green woodworking. Once hooked, there’s no telling where in carving they may lead you. Scandinavian culture is rich with spoons—from the simple to the sublime. You will begin with a basic project to build knife skills, then progress to carving a spoon or two. The days will be interspersed with hands-on demonstrations, such as sharpening and painting, plus short topic talks on spoon design, wood choice, and finishes. Fred will also lead a tour of Vesterheim’s amazing wooden spoon collection. Fred will supply all needed materials and have tools for use. There will be a materials fee of $25.

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About the Instructor

Fred Livesay

Fred Livesay

Fred Livesay made his first spoon at age seven and has focused his life and career on traditional handwork ever since. He trained formally as a wheelwright and carriage-builder and then went on to study Scandinavian folk art with Marion Nelson, as well as decorative arts and art history, eventually receiving an M.A. in museum studies. Thirty-five years of teaching and studying in the United States, Sweden, and England give him a clear understanding of the joy handmade objects bring to everyday living; the healing art of craft; and the meditative connection between head, hands, and heart. Fred is a founding instructor of North House Folk School and of the Spoon Gathering in Milan, Minnesota. Fred is a sought-after teacher of craft nationally and internationally.

Learn more: Watch this video, Wooden Spoons with Fred Livesay, where Fred joined Vesterheim to discuss wooden spoons in Vesterheim's collection.