Knitting—Trio of Color Techniques

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Knitting—Trio of Color Techniques

October 29-31, 2018 with Arnhild Hillesland

Level of Instruction
Must know how to knit and purl.
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$255.00 Non-members

Make your world colorful! Do you dread working with several colors in knitting but want to include beautiful color in your pieces? Here are three interesting and easy techniques of color work that you’ll enjoy. First, we’ll learn domino knitting, an old, fun technique using many colors, but just one at a time. Pieces are knitted together as the work progresses, just like the tiles in dominoes. Mosaic knitting, or slip stitch knitting, may look complicated, but the process is amazingly simple. This technique works well when knitting in the flat as well as in the round. Lastly, we’ll learn shadow knitting, or illusion knitting, another fun, easy technique that uses one color at a time. It is hard to see the pattern with this technique when looking at the piece directly from the front, but when in motion the pattern becomes visible. It is just like magic!

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About the Instructor

Arnhild Hillesland
Arnhild Hillesland
Arnhild Hillesland

Arnhild Hillesland, from Ames, Iowa, is a native of Norway and has been knitting for as long as she can remember. She received her Ph.D. in Norwegian language and literature at the University of Tromsø. Since coming to the United States in 1986, she has traveled throughout the country, teaching Norwegian knitting techniques to eager knitters. Her work has been featured in issues of Interweave Knits and Cast-On.