Dragonstyle Carving

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Vesterheim Folk Art School

Dragonstyle Carving

November 1-4, 2018 with Becky Lusk

Level of Instruction
$270.00 Members
$320.00 Non-members

Dragonstyle is a fun and expressive style of relief carving. Becky has her own style of dragonstyle carving, influenced by the Viking Revival movement of the late 1800s. The project for this class will be a dragonstyle wall sconce. The photo here is a representation of the style to be carved in class. There will be a materials fee of approximately $30-$40.

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About the Instructor

Becky Lusk
Becky Lusk
Becky Lusk

Becky Lusk is a third generation folk-artist and a Vesterheim Gold Medalist. She started carving as a teenager and has been a professional carver for over 30 years. Her work was included in the exhibition Norwegian Folk Art: The Migration of a Tradition, curated by Marion Nelson, Vesterheim’s former Executive Director. Becky carves ale bowls, figures, relief scenes, dragon style, and acanthus. She and her husband have a workshop near Coon Valley, Wisconsin.

Learn more: Watch this video, Collection Connections: Ale Hens and Geese where Becky highlights carved ale bowls and other carved vessels from the Vesterheim collection.