Creating Small Sheepskin Objects

Folk Art School

Vesterheim Folk Art School

Creating Small Sheepskin Objects

July 28-31, 2019 with Britt Solheim

Level of Instruction
All levels.
$320.00 Members
$370.00 Non-members

In this course, you will have the opportunity to make wrist bands, hats, baby booties, mittens, pillows, and scarves, using the same techniques as on a larger skinnfell. Sheepskins and tools will be available for purchase through Vesterheim or through the instructor. Individual material costs will vary, based on the number of items each student makes.

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About the Instructor

Britt Solheim
Britt Solheim
Britt Solheim

Britt Solheim, of Gjøvik, Norway, has a background in health care and education. In recent years she has been teaching classes in skinnfell sewing and printing in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. She also produces both traditional and modern skinnfeller. Her book Skinnfeller du kan lage selv (Skinnfells You Can Make Yourself) was published in 2006.