Understanding and Painting Valdres Rosemaling

Folk Art School

Vesterheim Folk Art School

Understanding and Painting Valdres Rosemaling

June 14-18, 2020 with Nancy Schmidt

Level of Instruction
All levels, but some experience with brushes and paints required. Experienced acrylic painters also welcome.
$335.00 Members
$385.00 Non-members

This class has been canceled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Look for it to be offered in 2021.

This class will study the elements of the Valdres style of rosemaling and what makes it unique from other styles. Valdres is dominated by flowers and uses monochromatic scrolls. Also, a very dominant factor is the chinoiserie, or oriental-style of landscapes. We will study old painting and, with guidance, you will develop a design of your own. You'll practice color mixing, backgrounding, and antiquing, as well as painting flowers, scrolls, and chinoiserie. There will be some designs available, but you are strongly encouraged to try your own. This is a time to bring woodenware you would like to paint, but are unsure of how to design. Most importantly, we will have fun with Valdres!

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About the Instructor

Nancy Schmidt
Nancy Schmidt shows painting techniques to a student.
Nancy Schmidt

Nancy Schmidt graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a degree in art education. She has worked in advertising design. Nancy teaches rosemaling in the United States and has taught in Japan many times. She continues to study rosemaling in the United States and Norway, and paints in many rosemaling styles. She is a Vesterheim Gold Medalist who has been painting since 1977. She’s also a woodcarver, having studied acanthus carving with Hans Sandom and others.

Learn more: Watch this video, Collection Connections: Rosemaling in the Telemark Style where Nancy highlights Telemark-style rosemaling design throughout objects from the collection; and this video, Collection Connections: Rosemaling in the Valdres Style where she highlights Valdres-style rosemaling from the Vesterheim collection.