Re-thinking Rosemaling

Folk Art School

Vesterheim Folk Art School

Re-thinking Rosemaling

July 18-22, 2020 with Mona Stenseth Erlandsen

Level of Instruction
Intermediate to advanced.
$400.00 Members
$450.00 Non-members

This class has been canceled in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Look for it to be offered in 2021.

Mona Stenseth Erlandsen will engage you in a rosemaling experience that respects the history and tradition of the Telemark style, even while inspiring you to explore new directions. Her class presentation combines creativity with common sense as she discusses color mixing and how to create balance and harmony with your own original designs. Mona is especially excited to help you find inspiration from objects in the Vesterheim collection. By “breaking down” an old rosemaling example into its different style elements, you will discover ways to create fresh, individual expressions.

Registration for this class has closed.

About the Instructor

Mona Stenseth Erlandsen

Mona Stenseth Erlandsen

Mona Stenseth Erlandsen is a Norwegian fine artist based in Telemark. Her passion for Scandinavian heritage and folklore helps set her apart in the Norwegian art/design/retail industry. Her trademark slogan is “bringing new life to old traditions.” Hundreds of shops retail her art cards and art prints with Norwegian motifs inspired by Nordic traditions, pop culture, and nostalgia. In her atelier/studio, she also creates large, rosemaling-inspired oil paintings of dream-like worlds. These feature the traditional scrolls and the obligatory C/S-shapes in oil and pigments. She paints mainly on canvases, but also walls and furniture.