Swedish Bonadsmålning

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Vesterheim Folk Art School

Swedish Bonadsmålning

July 27-31, 2020 with Pam Rucinski

Youth ages 15-17 receive a 25% discount.
Level of Instruction
All levels.
$335.00 Members
$385.00 Non-members

This class is inspired by Pam’s 2019 American Scandinavian Fellowhip study in Unnaryd, Sweden, at the Bonadsmuseet. We are privileged to offer this class for the very first time. Bonads means “tapestry,” so we will create colorful tapestry-like burlap canvases, celebrating everyday country life or the stories of our own families. We will use egg tempera paints with natural earth powdered pigments, grinding and mixing them ourselves. We will also prime our own burlap canvases. All materials are water soluble and non-toxic. No solvents will be used. The old bonads painters used cut-out figures to paint people and animals. We will use cut-outs as well to create our own folk-like tapestry. Old museum designs will be provided, or you can create your own story. There is a materials fee, payable to the instructor.

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About the Instructor

Pam Rucinski
Pam Rucinski
Pam Rucinski

Pam Rucinski has been rosemaling since 1974. She teaches all over the United States, has taught in Japan, and has traveled to Russia for folk-art studies. Pam received her Vesterheim Gold Medal in 1995, in part for her Gudbrandsdal painting. She has developed her own subtle variations over the 20+ years she has painted this style, looking to Jacob Klukstad and baroque wood carving for her inspiration. Through the Wisconsin Arts Board, Pam has worked with three apprentices concentrating on the Gudbrandsdal style. In 2019 Pam was awarded an American Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship. In June 2019 she and co-fellow, Carol Bender, spent three weeks in Sweden, studying folk arts with artists who are using the traditional techniques and materials of the 1700-1800s.

Learn more: Watch this video, Collections Connections: Rosemaling in the Hallingdal Style where Pam highlights Hallingdal-style rosemaling, or this video, Collections Connections: Gudbrandsdal Rosemaling from Past to Present where she highlights Gudbrandsdal-style rosemaling, both featuring objects from Vesterheim's collection.