Nordic Knitting Weekend, Track 2

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Vesterheim Folk Art School

Nordic Knitting Weekend, Track 2

October 3-4, 2020 with Kate Martinson and Maree Hampton and Laura Ricketts

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Join us for this fantastic weekend of knitting fun! This track includes four classes taught by three wonderful instructors. See class descriptions below.

Introduction to Norwegian Knitting with Maree Hampton
In this class for intermediate knitters, you will learn the stranded colorwork technique, a hallmark of Norwegian knitting patterns. Choose from a number of traditional and contemporary patterns to create your own cozy pillow and learn to knit Nordic-style! Level of instruction: Students should be able to knit, purl, decrease, and knit in the round.

Boat’s Bow—A Sámi Mitten, Parts 1 and 2 with Laura Ricketts
The Sámi, sometimes called “the reindeer people,” are Scandinavia’s indigenous people recognized by the United Nations. The Skolt Sámi are one of the subsets of the Sámi people. Their homeland is where Russia, Finland, and Norway meet. In addition to small-scale reindeer herding, the Skolt Sámi traditionally practice sea fishing and netting river salmon. In this class you will cast on and begin working on a historical remake of a Skolt Sámi mitten from the Vesterheim collection. You will learn and discuss slyngenborden (the twisted, purl braid at the cuff), the meaningful patterning at the wrist, traditional thumbs, braids and tassels, and much more about the Sámi culture and wool tradition. Level of instruction: Students should be able to knit in the round, purl, decrease, and do color work.

Singlade Balls—A Simple Sewn Looping Project with Kate Martinson
Looping is one of the earliest of fiber techniques. Making a singlade ball actually uses the simplest of stitches, the blanket stitch. This stitch has been used as a structural technique (instead of simple decoration) since before the needle was even invented! In Scandinavia and the Baltic region, one application of this sewn looping has been the construction of decorative balls to be used as toys. Using thrums and leftovers, lively balls are constructed for play or decorative enjoyment. We will make our own singlade balls during the workshop and start you out on a new yarn adventure, just in time for the holidays and cozy winter needlework projects. Level of instruction: All levels.

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About the Instructors

Kate Martinson
Kate Martinson
Kate Martinson

Kate Martinson is Professor Emerita of Art at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. She received her B.A. from St. Lawrence University, followed by a M.F.A. at University of Alabama. She began her teaching career at Luther in 1977 and taught classes in weaving, bookmaking, and art education. Kate is an enthusiastic supporter of Vesterheim. She has served on the Vesterheim Board of Trustees and has been a Board officer. She has taught spinning and other textile-related classes throughout the United States and in Norway at Rauland Academy. Kate is known for introducing nålbinding to many American fiber artists.

Maree Hampton

Maree Hampton

Maree Hampton has been knitting for over 20 years, ever since her Norwegian cousin, Åshild, taught her in Norway. (Maree was working on a fruit farm in Hardanger one summer during college.) She has learned a lot from other knitters, knitting classes, various knitting books, magazines, and online tutorials. She is obsessed with Norwegian knitting—hats, mittens, sweaters, and accessories—and she enjoys wearing her Norwegian woolen items all winter long!

Laura Ricketts

Laura Ricketts

Laura Ricketts is a knit and crochet instructor from Indiana, specializing in the knitwear of the Sámi peoples. After participating in a Nordic knitting conference, she began researching the contributions that the Sámi have made to the knitting community. She has toured the Sámi lands, visited museums and groups, and studied and written about many beautiful examples of Sámi knitting. As a former history teacher, Laura enjoys opening this world to others and has spoken or taught classes at Finnfest, Ingebretsen’s, North House Folk School, the National Nordic Museum’s Nordic Knitting Conference, American Swedish Institute, and numerous knit shops. 

Learn more: Watch this video, Collections Connection: Sámi Mittens, where Laura and Vesterheim Chief Curator Laurann Gilbertson highlight Sámi mittens from Vesterheim’s collection, inspiring creativity and enhancing understanding of Sámi contributions to the knitting world.