Norwegian Timber Framing with Mike Loeffler

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Norwegian Timber Framing with Mike Loeffler

March 31, 2021 (7:30-8:30 PM CT) with Mike Loeffler

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Join Mike Loeffler for an exploration of Norwegian timbered building styles and techniques. Mike is a woodworker/carpenter and was drawn into the world of timber framing through his studies at North House Folk School. On a recent research trip in Norway, he surveyed a number of vernacular timbered buildings with the guidance of traditional carpenters. Mike has focused on his interest in grindbygg, a type of timber framing prevalent throughout South Western Norway. The construction and flexibility in composition of grindbygg make it great for all sorts of applications. Traditionally these buildings were used for barns, boathouses, and other agricultural uses. Mike has built a number of grindbygg timber frames for clients in Wisconsin and Minnesota and is excited to share his enthusiasm for this unique building style.

Supplies: A computer, laptop, or tablet with a camera and mic as well as a fast, reliable internet connection.

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About the Instructor

Mike Loeffler

Mike Loeffler

Mike is a woodworker and carpenter inspired by the natural materials of the forested landscapes he loves. Although he was always fascinated with wood, he had the opportunity to explore craft through an internship at North House in 2011. He later participated in the Artisan Development Program (2018-2019) at North House deepening his knowledge of craft and education. Mike explores fågelskålar (bird-shaped ale bowls), small furniture design, as well as traditional building techniques. He gets great enjoyment from “lighting the spark” and encouraging people to connect to themselves and a larger craft community through handwork.

Learn more: Watch this video, Norwegian Timber Framingwhere Mike Loeffler explores Norwegian timbered building styles and techniques.