Online – Unraveling the Knot Basket: Investigating the Scandinavian Knutkorg

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Online – Unraveling the Knot Basket: Investigating the Scandinavian Knutkorg

Wednesday, August 25 (7:00-8:00pm CT) with Fred Livesay and Jane Laurence

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Jane Laurence and Fred Livesay team up to examine a unique basket construction called Knutkorg (knot baskets), which were often decorated and used as special Sendingskorg (visiting baskets). Using artifacts from the Vesterheim collection; the Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish digital craft archives; specimens from private collections; and examples of their own work, they’ll examine the roots of this unique craft in Scandinavia and the Baltic states in the mid-1800s. Additionally, they’ll share their research that delineates a continuity of this craft and an amazing connection to several communities in northern Minnesota in the early 1900s.

The listed program is one Zoom session on Wednesday, August 25, 2021 (7:00-8:00 PM CT)

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About the Instructors

Fred Livesay

Fred Livesay

Fred Livesay made his first spoon at age seven and has focused his life and career on traditional handwork ever since. He trained formally as a wheelwright and carriage-builder and then went on to study Scandinavian folk art with Marion Nelson, as well as decorative arts and art history, eventually receiving an M.A. in museum studies. Thirty-five years of teaching and studying in the United States, Sweden, and England give him a clear understanding of the joy handmade objects bring to everyday living; the healing art of craft; and the meditative connection between head, hands, and heart. Fred is a founding instructor of North House Folk School and of the Spoon Gathering in Milan, Minnesota. Fred is a sought-after teacher of craft nationally and internationally.

Learn more: Watch this video, Wooden Spoons with Fred Livesay, where Fred joined Vesterheim to discuss wooden spoons in Vesterheim's collection.

And enjoy a video recording of the online presentation Unraveling the Knot Basket: Investigating the Scandinavian Knutkorg 

Jane Laurence

Jane Laurence

Jane has enjoyed building things since she helped her dad build their family cabin at age 11, using only hand tools. Later, learning log building and timber framing led to a chance to learn Norwegian lafting and gindbygg joinery and an appreciation for axes and drawknives. When the opportunity to build something isn’t there, Jane usually has a spoon or flat plane carving project going. Jane has spent quite a lot of time in Norway, usually drawn to chances to study and practice sloyd. She is fluent in Norwegian and likes to keep a Krim novel handy. The latest dive into knutkorg and sendingskorg is an example of the amazingly rich history of craft that found its way from the remote corners of Scandinavia to the settlements of the Midwest in the late 1800s to early 1900s. So fascinating!