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Vesterheim Folk Art School

Online - Visit Binkhaven!

October 10 (1:00-2:00pm CT) with Elliot Taillon

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Binkhaven is a real-life Norwegian fantasy nestled in Door County, Wisconsin. Join us for a conversation with owner Elliot Taillon about the story behind Binkhaven as well as a guided tour of this one-of-a-kind historic cottage that is filled to the brim with one of the biggest collections of American rosemaling in the country. Not only is the main building designed in a Nordic theme, two of the cottages on the property were imported from Telemark, Norway! Inside there are nine painted ceilings by one of Norway’s most famous rosemalers, Sigmund Aarseth, who visited the home on ten separate occasions to paint the extensively detailed interiors. The furnishings include pieces imported from Norway and Sweden, custom-made pieces replicating furniture from Scandinavian museums, and hundreds of objects with rosemaling from the most devoted Nordic artists of the Midwest.

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About the Instructor

Elliot Taillon

Elliot Taillon

Elliot Taillon has had a lifelong passion for art, art history, and all manner of collections. Having previously worked in luxury home goods in New York City, he stumbled across Binkhaven while back visiting family in the village of Ephraim, Wisconsin. With its two stabburs and rich decorative painting, he immediately knew that Binkhaven was a special place that he had to help preserve. He has spent the last three years doing exactly that, turning Binkhaven into a vacation rental to both fund restorations and expose people to the fairy-tale cottage that takes Nordic Revival to its extreme. As part of this, he has also worked to rebuild the decorative art collection within, capturing a moment in rosemaling history. He has combined his affinity for art history with his experience in luxury interiors to preserve original details while updating Binkhaven for modern lifestyles, allowing visitors to “peek into the past” at a time when rosemaling was just starting to blossom in America.

Learn more: Enjoy a video recording of the online tour and conversation Visit Binkhaven.