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Vesterheim Folk Art School

Online - Smørbrød

Wednesday, October 13 (5:30-7:00pm CT) with Patrice Johnson

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$25.00 Members
$30.00 Non-members

Join celebrated Nordic cookbook author and food historian Patrice Johnson (AKA the Nordic Food Geek) to explore the rich tradition of Nordic-style open-face sandwiches. From Sweden (smörgåsar) to Norway (smørbrød) to Denmark (smørrebrød) these sandwiches bring together some of the Nordic region's best flavors, colors, and ingredients. You will prepare several classic sandwiches and even some with modern twists and you will learn the crucial elements that make a perfect smørbrød.

This Vesterheim cooking class is designed as a small-group cook-along and we invite exchange between the instructor and students in order to build community around food traditions. In this same spirit of sharing, we invite the whole family to experience this collaborative cooking and learning process. Only one registration is needed per household.

The listed class is one Zoom session Thursday, June 10, 2021 (6-7:30 pm CT). 

Don't hesitate to contact Andrew Ellingsen, Folk Art Coordinator, with any questions you may have (

Supplies: A computer, laptop, or tablet with a camera and mic as well as a fast, reliable internet connection. You will be sent the recipes with the ingredients list and class preparation approximately one week before the class in order to prepare.

Special Instructions: When registering for the class, please make sure to use the email address you'd like the Zoom meeting invitations sent to. You will receive a link to the Zoom sessions by email sometime during the week prior to the first group meeting. If this class is a gift, please sign up with the recipient's email address or be prepared to forward all communications.

Enrollment Deadline: October 6, 2021

Registration for this class has closed.

About the Instructor

Patrice Johnson

Patrice Johnson

Patrice Johnson, AKA Nordic Food Geek and meatball historian, is a cultural communicator specializing in Nordic foodways. She is the author of Land of 10,000 Plates and Jul: Swedish American Holiday Traditions, writes a weekly food and culture column for her hometown newspaper, and teaches Nordic food classes throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband and their three cats.

Learn more: Find out more about Patrice and New Nordic Cuisine in this interview and order her book Jul: Swedish American Holiday Traditions here.