Online - Introduction to Tapestry Weaving (Level 2)

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Online - Introduction to Tapestry Weaving (Level 2)

6 Thursdays, October 14-November 18 (5:00-7:00pm CT) with Laura Berlage

Level of Instruction
Prerequisite: Students must have completed Level 1 Introduction to Tapestry Weaving with Laura Berlage. Contact with any questions.
$290.00 Members
$320.00 Non-members

In this six-week course, graduates of the Level 1 - Introduction to Tapestry Weaving class will build on our foundational skills and take our techniques to new levels. The main focus of this course will be tackling the issue of working verticals in tapestry (a conundrum many weaving societies have tackled in different ways). We will also be earning six different techniques, the cultures they come from, and situations in which each works best. We will then build on this to learn how to read a geometric tapestry pattern from a grid to create and move a stepped design using interlock. Expanding our repertoire, we will tackle a traditional 8-pointed star motif that uses both verticals and angles in the same row (brain bender!). This motif is found in many cultures, including Norwegian coverlets. Norwegian-style methods for creating selvage edges and finishing techniques will also be part of this project, adding new options for warping and finishing tapestry from the techniques used in the first class. The warm colors of wool from the instructor's sheep also draw on tradition, as will the stories that weave their way into the experience.

This class includes six Zoom sessions (October 14-November 18 from 5:00-7:00pm CT), as well as time on your own, spent working on the class project. This class includes a kit with all the materials you need to be successful (a $110 value!) shipped to your home with wool weft yarn from Laura's sheep, cotton warp yarn, pattern on graph paper, a handout, and a handcrafted comb made by Laura's grandfather.

Supplies: Participants will re-use the loom from the Level 1 class. Students should provide a comfortable but firm chair (preferably without arms), a table edge to lean the loom against as it rests in your lap, sharp scissors, a black Sharpie fine point marker, at least 2 tapestry needles (large eyes, blunt ends), 2-4 binder clips, and a tape measure (preferably the kind used for sewing). Students will also need a computer, laptop, or tablet with a camera and mic as well as a fast, reliable internet connection. Don't hesitate to contact Andrew Ellingsen, Folk Art Coordinator, with any questions you may have (

Special Instructions: When registering for the class, please make sure to use the address you'd like the kit shipped to, and the email address you'd like the Zoom meeting invitations sent to. You will receive links to the Zoom sessions by email sometime during the week prior to the class. If this class is a gift, please sign up with the recipient's mailing and email addresses or be prepared to forward all communications and/or kit supplies.

If you are registering for this class in a location outside the United States, you will need to provide your own supplies. Please contact when you register for more information about what materials are required for this class.

Enrollment Deadline: October 1, 2021

Registration for this class has closed.

About the Instructor

Laura  Berlage
Photo by Bryan French
Laura Berlage

Laura is a contemporary Renaissance woman living and working on her family’s century-old homestead farm outside Hayward, Wisconsin. From fiber arts to creative writing, music to storytelling, she never tires of the magic of transforming ideas into form and overlapping narrative and visual. Laura also loves working with the many and beautiful natural materials from her farm – especially the wool from her sheep. Completing her MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Goddard College in 2011, Laura continues her lifelong passion for learning with engaged, hands-on teaching for small groups to encourage creativity, imagination, and expression.

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