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Anneli Engeland

Anneli Engeland is from Voss, Vestlandet. She studied at the Norwegian arts and crafts school (Norsk kunsthandverksskule) where baroque acanthus was her main focus. She is a Master Wood Carver and has had her own business since 1992. She has a degree in vocational teaching from the University College in Akershus. Engeland has been an instructor at Hjerleid craft school for six years where her primary teaching responsibility is wood carving. For the past 20 years she has worked mostly with dragestil, carving for official public installations and private orders. Engeland has focused on the ornamental styles of Lars Kinsarvik and Magnus Dagestad, which are the building blocks of the dragon style that evolved at the end of the nineteenth century. She finds great joy in sharing these techniques with new carvers. She has also studied and works in a form of acanthus carving that is particular to Voss. Engeland teaches many courses all around Norway in both dragon style and acanthus.

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